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Slow activation roof treatment is sprayed to your roof to get rid of any lichen, moss and mould, which can cause long term damage to roofs.  Within two months of spraying your roof, we would expect to see a colour change as the growth dies.  Over the next 6 months (and ongoing) - with the windy weather and the rain, the dead growth will dislodge and wash away.  It will take several months to see noticeable change. 

Projects Suitable For Drone Spraying

Shade Canopy

Shade Canopies

Drone above second story roof

Difficult to Access Roofs

Warehouse roof


Body Corporate roof

Body Corporates

Papatoetoe High School building




Greenhouse Roof

Commercial Greenhouses

House Roof

Homes and Rentals*

solar panels

Solar Panels

*Please contact us about suitability.

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