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Drone Dog founders Jennifer Loo and Steve Wrigley


Drone Dog was co-founded by Jennifer Loo and Steve Wrigley during the lockdown of 2021.  Jen and Steve enjoy seeking out new ideas which can improve or simplify our lives.  Drone Dog delivers a roof treatment service in a non-traditional way, using drone technology.  Other drone services include survey mapping and 3D scanning of your property sites.


The roof treatment we use takes time to show improvements.  These photos show the progress over 6-9 months.  Once the lichen moss and mould have been sprayed, it takes a few rainfalls to dislodge the growth from the surface.

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The Civil Aviation Authority of NZ (CAA)

Our drone operator is certified and regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority of NZ.  This certification allows us specific privileges to operate our drones safely.

Health and Safety

We will provide you with a copy of our Health and Safety Policy and our Safety Plan.  Once on site, our Hazard Plan and Flight Checklist will be completed before any work starts. Drone Dog is a member of Site Safe NZ and has $10million Public Liability insurance. 

Water Conservation

Our spraying technique consumes less water than other traditional processes.  Our quotes will state the amount of water required for the delivery of the work, demonstrating transparency along with our commitment to minimising our environmental footprint.

Our operating processes have been endorsed by Auckland City Council as having minimal impact on the stormwater network.

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